WA Dress Code

The SANAA rules require that archers do their best to present themselves and the sport of archery in a professional way. If you do not have a uniform, the dress code is white. You may also wear your club or province uniform.

Items of clothing that is prohibited are:

  • Denim clothing
  • Clothing or equipment with camouflage pattern. *
  • Your clothing cannot be torn, ripped, or badly faded.
  • No archer or coach may wear anything with images or words others find offensive.
  • Shoes must cover the complete foot (no sandals)

*Note that as of 1 January 2016, the by-law adopted by the World Archery Executive board regarding camouflage colours will be enforced for all World Archery events, including target archery. This means that no camouflage pattern will be acceptable for World Archery sanctioned shoots as per a World Archery ruling. This also extends to include equipment as well as clothing.

For National competitions, where world ranking is applied, there are further dress conditions, including that the team must be all dressed in the same way

Further information regarding the World Archery dress code can be found in the World Archery Rule Book #3 in Chapter 20