Archers Representative

Archers Representative

Why is it important to have an Archer's Representative?

SANAA believes that the most effective way for archers to be heard is through an Archer’s Representative. An Archer’s Representative is someone who speaks on behalf of the archers.

The key is that the representative is chosen by all the Provincial Delegates at congress and who is still involved with the archers on a regular basis.

The Archers Representative should know the policies and issues within SANAA, as well as the following:

  • communicate regularly with fellow archers, SANAA office bearers and with the Association Executives.
  • learn about all sides of an issue by asking questions, discussing the situation and listening.
  • the Archer’s Representative must have the support of his peers and that of SANAA.
  • the Archer’s Representative role must be clearly defined and communicated to all parties.
  • the Archer’s Representative must have the confidence, skill and knowledge to fulfill the role.
  • the Archer’s Representative must understand and believe that they can make a difference through appropriate input and timely action.
  • ongoing, multi-directional communication is essential for the Archer’s Representative.
Archers Representative

What can be achieved by the Archer's Representative?

They can change your sport world. Sport organizations aren’t really different from other companies or organizations. Ideas may come from all levels of the organization, but major decisions are made by the people at the table. Archer’s Representatives have the opportunity to be at those tables to influence direction and priorities affecting all archers.

It is expected by all archers that the Archer’s Rep will represent their needs, protect their interests and keep them informed about what they need to know. As the Archer’s Representative also sits on the SANAA committee, there is also an expectation from SANAA that they will have some knowledge about necessary aspects of the organization and that they can see the big picture of the association business.

The Archer’s Representative should have or develop the following skills:

  • Listen attentively
  • Receive the message
  • Demonstrate Understanding
  • Don’t Judge
  • Keep an open mind
  • Diffuse Emotion.
  • Being an Athlete Representative is not an “us against them” position.

The Archers Representative is guided by the Code of Conduct and SANAA Constitution & Rules.