The South African National Archery Association (SANAA) is the custodian of the National Records shot at recognised tournaments. Records will only be recognised if shot by a SANAA member, and at a World Archery or SANAA sanctioned tournament. 



Records Since 1 April 2010
Refer to the archived records for prior SA National records. Only new records set since 1 April 2010 are shown here.

Records shot prior to 1 April 2010 (World Archery rules from 1 April 2010) cannot be recognised anymore, but remain active for historical reference. These records can be found below in the archives.


How to Claim a Record

Make sure that your score sheet has been properly completed, signed, witnessed and countersigned by the Director of Shooting or World Archery Judge.



Make a copy for your records

Post the ORIGINAL score sheet to the Records Officer – you will get the original score sheet back in due course.

It is a good idea to tell the Records Officer what record you are claiming. If your club secretary or someone else undertakes to submit your scoresheet to claim a record, follow up on them that this has been done. It is your responsibility to ensure the record is updated.

Should a record not be published in a S A Archer within a two month period of it having been broken please follow up with the your provincial secretary as to why. It is the members responsibility to submit the claim and to ensure that the records are updated.