All World Archery and SA National Archery Association sanctioned tournaments, as they appear on the official calendar, are monitored and used as a basis for inviting members to become members of the Gold Squad.


How does it work?

The way that it works, is that the highest four scores of the last six months are taken and then ranked according to the average. It is mandatory that at least four scores are available and members who have shot less than four scores over the six month period are not considered for selection. Where a double event takes place, only the highest score is taken for team selection (1997).

The result of the averages over the last six months (of the four scores) is what is known as the National Rankings.


What is it used for?

These rankings are used for performance evaluation as well as the basis for inviting archers to be members of the candidate or Gold Squad, the high performance arm of the association and the peak of the long term development program. Presently, this is the best way the association has of identifying talent. For this reason, it is part of the long term development program which starts with the Give-it-a-Go Pathway program, the prelude of the Feathers and Arrows development program.

Certain levels are set from time to time for both the Candidate and the Gold Squad. For special events, such as the Universiade and Para-Archery World Ranking events, different criteria are set, and normally based on the 32nd cut-off position in the respective championship. The criteria is set in terms of the Rules of the Association. From time to time, at the discretion of the executive committee, non-qualifying athletes may be selected for international events for development purposes. This is normally done where an athlete has qualified, or may qualify for a future event. A typical case is where a para-archer may be selected to participate in a world cup in preparation for an upcoming para-event; or a junior selected for a world cup in preparation for the world junior championships.


Qualification scores

Qualification scores are revised from time to time and are published in the SA Archer, the official publication of the South African National Archery Association. For events under the auspices of the National Olympic Committee (such as the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games and other major events), the selection is made by the National Olympic Committee, who may also set the qualifying criteria.



Full details of the rules and the process to request a deviation of the rules can be found in the Constitution. Different rules apply for the Gold Squad and selection for Protea Colours.

The National ranking is also referred to when the panel considers National Association Colours, as it is a requirement for the highest merit award that the association can offer that the member participate in a number of sanctioned events and attain a certain score level. For major NOC events, the Olympic Committee requires that the athlete has participated in at least three national championships.

Under normal circumstances, the organising committee of the sanctioned tournament submits the score to The Editor of the SA Archer. In terms of the rules of the Association, once the scores are published in the official bulletin, they constitute the official record. The scores are then lifted from the SA Archer for use for the national Records. In cases where individuals submit their scores, this must be done to the Gold Squad manager and the original signed scoresheet must accompany the request.

The national rankings can be viewed by logging into the Members Only section of the website. These cores are uploaded by the tournament organisers and are normally available a few days after the event has taken place.

More information on the ranking system and the averaged scores can be found in the Gold Squad Policy document.



The Ranking is intended to provide a current list of scores from archers around South Africa. It is used for International Team Qualification and National Squads, depending on the event selection criteria. Ranking is tracked for outdoor (1440 and 720 rounds), indoor and when necessary, qualification rounds.

The tournament organiser who is responsible for the collation of the scores, captures the scores.

As the scores are released, the ranking is calculated according to the rules as laid down in the Constitution. These scores are available to all members when they log into the members area.

Only World Archery and Sanaa sanctioned tournaments are eligible for the National Ranking. These are all the tournaments that are listed on the official calendar. All World Archery Registered or international and overseas events that meet these requirements will be accepted.

If an archer is competing overseas as a member of an South African Team then the Team Manager will be responsible for the capturing of the scores. If an archer is competing overseas as an individual they should submit their valid scores through the Sanaa Secretary. A copy of the signed score card should be kept and sent to the Secretary if required.

Scores are captured electronically. Authorised members select the option to capture scores when logging into the members area. These scores are then held for administrative approval and released within a few days.

The ranking takes the previous six months into account. The average of the top four tournaments are used to calculate the ranking and only members in good standing at the time of the tournament have their scores considered. Where the same type of round is shot over a weekend, only the highest score is taken into consideration (although all scores are recorded) and where a Quad takes place, the highest score for the day is used.

Yes, all the scores are recorded and members can view their performance and participation when logging into the Members Area and viewing the National Rankings. Tournament organisers enter the scoresheet on-line and do not take the decision which is the highest score. The eligible scores are calculated and displayed.

By sending their website login name to the SANAA Secretary and requesting access to capture tournament scores.

Once the scores are entered by the tournament organiser, the Sanaa Secretary is advised that the scores have been captured and will release the scores. The National Ranking is then recalculated and available to all members.