Hall Of Fame

The South African National Archery Association recognises that a great amount of outstanding voluntary effort goes into the development of the sport.

In order to provide public acknowledgment and recognition of the more outstanding roles of those who contribute towards the development of archery in South Africa, the National Association has introduced the Archery Hall of Fame. 

All members may nominate two former SA archers who they believe have positively impacted and contributed to the development of archery in South Africa. A member may nominate one female athlete, one male athlete, a sports administrator, and a technical official.
Athletes Nominees should have competed at professional International level. Nominees shall be considered for an award if they are retired for at least three years.

Nominees should be Sport leaders, managers, administrators, coaches, judges or technical officials who are either active or retired from the administration of sport. Nominees should have considerably contributed to the promotion and development of archery in SA through their career at provincial and national levels through their abilities to lead by example, their ethics and knowledge.

A standing awards committee, consisting of not more than three members, appointed by the SANAA Executive, will evaluate the candidate(s). The role of the executive is to ensure that the committee is provided with sufficient information to enable the award to be fairly and efficiently administered. The standing committee consists of Mr. Martin Trimmer, Mrs. Myrna Newmark and Dr. Nico Benade.

The Association will, if possible, arrange for an award to be presented at a venue commensurate with the status of the award. It is the mission of The Archery Hall of Fame to honor those outstanding members of the archery community through the process of induction into its Hall of Fame. As an integral part of its existence, the Hall seeks to preserve the history and tradition of archery for future generations. To educate and inform those persons wishing to peruse their interest in archery, the Hall will act as a repository for memorabilia, literature and research material related to the sport of archery for the public to view and for scholars to utilize as a resource in researching the sport and industry of archery.

In 2011 the President announced the formation of the South African Hall of Fame. The committee to decide on the nominees was established. The committee comprised of Dr Nico Benade, Myrna Newmark and Martin Trimmer. They debated the nominations of over 15 archers and administrators for some four months and, in common, finally agreed on one person. Members nominated former SA archers who they believe have positively impacted and contributed to the development of archery in South Africa.

Hall Of Fame

WA Archery

The South African National Archery Association recognises that a great amount of outstanding voluntary effort goes into the development of the sport. In order to provide public acknowledgement and recognition of the more outstanding roles of those who contribute towards development of archery in South Africa, the National Association has introduced the WA Archery Hall of Fame.

The first person to be inducted into the SA Archery Hall of Fame is Michael Shiers, known to all as “Mick”. He was the first person on the planet to shoot a 1200. In 1961 the World FITA record stood at 1174, meanwhile in 1963 he shot a 1207 in a Natal Championships. The record was never recognized by FITA as it was a provincial and non FITA sanctioned shoot. Only in 1967 did Ray Rodgers beat the unofficial record of 1207. Mick won our South African title no less than 10 times and shot in 3 World Championships. In 1966 he was already a provincial rep for KZN at the SANAA congress in 1982 he became President of SANAA till he passed away in 1987. It is a fitting tribute to the man to have him inducted as the first archer to the Hall of Fame.

At the 2014 SA National Archery Association Congress, the Gauteng Province nominated Alan to be inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame for his contribution to the sport in the Technical Official division. The nomination which was unanimously supported by all the provincial delegates sees Alan the second member to be awarded this honour. Alan, who is known for his quiet motivation and getting the job done is based in KZN and has held various positions in the federation including that of the National Development Officer. He was directly responsible for the creation of the framework which sees a sustainable means of coaching through the Instructor program and is well known to archers all over the country where he presented workshops. . Alan is a World Archery Level 3 coach with a high degree of passion for the sport and has been active since the 1970s. As a recurve archer and a keen interest in developing the sport, he worked closely with coaches and within a short while was elected to the position of National Coaches Chair, a position he held until Congress 2014. In developing the sport of archery, he introduced the schools development program, using schools in KZN as blueprints allowing other provinces to copy the working model. Alan passed away in May 2014.

Barbara Manning is the third World Archery member to be inducted into the Archery Hall of fame. In a unanimous vote, the Sanaa Council accepted the nomination that Mrs Manning be inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame for her role as an administrator. According to Selwyn Moskovitz, President of the Federation, “Barbara, who holds many positions within Sanaa is the driving force and heart of archery in our country. The number of initiatives that she has triggered are vast and include the Gold Squad, international participation, development, coaching and rankings; just to name a few”. “Her passion for the sport and to do things the right way are unprecedented. She constantly wants to make things better and to understand the inner workings, such as coaching, where she is now a high-level international accredited coach; through to organising, where she is qualified as an internationally accredited large-event manager”, he added.

During the SANAA Congress in April 2016, the SANAA executive and Provinces voted to include Professor Derek Ochse of Tempe Archery Club into the hall of fame as sports administrator and Recurve Club coach. Professor Derek was actively involved in three Clubs in the Free State namely Central Free State Archery Club who became Old Greys Archery Club and later he joined Tempe Archery Club, he was actively involved in the sport of Archery and trained a lot of young Archers with the Recurve bow. He was also a Professor in music and also played the violin a man that was fond of all things with strings. In his last year before his death in 2015 he was actively involved with Recurve training at Tempe Archery Club, where he was a member on the Clubs Committee and the Clubs Recurve Bow Coach. Professor Ochse received the Free State Archery Confederation Volunteer award in 2014 and was a well loved and respected Archery member involved in active Archery coaching. He was also a Feathers and Arrows instructor and spend a lot of his free time at Tempe Archery Club doing Recurve Coaching. The Tempe Archery Club Honours his memory by presenting every year the Derek Ochse Target Championship a Quattro 720 World Archery sanctioned tournament. Professor Ochse was involved in the sport of Archery all his life and will fondly be remembered by the Archery fraternity of the Free State. He is a worthy inductee in the SANAA hall of fame.

The SANAA may confer Honorary Life Membership on any person or persons who have distinguished themselves by their work for the SANAA or the sport in general, or who the SANAA desires to honour. At the 2015 Sanaa Congress, the Council conferred Hononrary Life Membership on Mrs Ho for her contribution as a technical official to our sport. Charmaine is well known as an international judge and event organiser. For many years, she has been the editor of the SA Archer which has, without fail, been published on deadline, even when she has been officiating overseas. Mrs Ho was also honoured by the Council who considered her nomination for the Hall of Fame and who voted unanimously for her indication into the Archery hall of Fame in the technical division.

The president of the SA Archery federation announced at the annual banquet that Malcolm Todd has been inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame (Athlete). The honour, voted by the Sanaa Council at the recently held Congress was bestowed upon Mr Todd for his contribution to the sport as an athlete and as an example that archery is a sport for life. Malcolm, from the Western Cape, has been competing for more than 50 years and has had thousands of novice archers pass through his coaching over the years, while still actively competing. After picking up his brother’s bow received as a birthday present, the bug bit and so started a half-century love affair with the bow for Malcolm Todd. From the range at Zoo Lake to the terraces of Bellville, breaking records in every category along the way, Malcolm has been a regular and steadfast competitor on the Nationals line for over 60 years. Malcolm’s perseverance even during South Africa’s period of international exclusion and his participation in the United States, Interlaken and at the Barcelona Olympic Games, is an inspiration to all archers. His dedication and enthusiasm for the promotion of the sport remains an example to all and we hope that the South African archery community will continue to share the line with Malcolm for many years to come.

The impact David had on South African archery can hardly be overstated.  What he did was frequently done behind the scenes and out of the spotlight but the effects of his efforts were eventually open for all to see.  This was amply demonstrated in the conduct and competence of the accredited judges as well as in the discipline and acceptance of the judges and rules shown by South African archers in their conduct at formal championships.   These achievements alone serve as a fitting monument to the impact David Wallace had on the development and quality of South African archery and are his enduring legacy.

The dedication and passion Konrad has for the sport of archery has benefitted not only SANAA but every member and / or person who has come into contact with him. This passion has resulted in ensuring that the judge structure that he was a part of developing in South Africa and the African Continent has produced some top class judges and he, himself being a World Archery Judge Emeritus having attended Atlanta Olympics as Judge and Sydney in  2000 as Coach. The hours he has spent sharing his knowledge with regard to coaching is immeasurable and both coaches and archers are the richer for this.   For 25 years he has fulfilled the position of chairperson of Marks Park Archery who named a tournament after him as a small token of their appreciation of his contribution to the sport of archery. Konrad’s legacy is and will be the dedication of his life to archery for the benefit of others.