Accredited Coaches

During the past year there have been new regulations put in place with regard to recognised coaches by both the S A Government and SASCOC and therefore SANAA.

At the 2022 strategy session of the SANAA Exec the decision was taken to create a sustainable coaching structure. In order for this to happen there has to be a uniform method of coaching so that archers, especially beginner archers, can take comfort that as they develop in archery their form will be built on solid foundations.

 It is critical for the Federation to provide a high-quality introduction to coaches, both beginner and established, since a good first impression goes a long way towards creating a lifelong athlete.

 SANAA has put into place a coaching model that in due course will take into consideration training levels, coaching focus, biomechanics, motor learning, sport psychology and physical training levels for athletes on a spectrum of ages.



Only SANAA  members who have fulfilled the following requirements will be recognised as being accredited coaches :

  • Must be a member in good standing of SANAA
  • Must be a member in good standing with a recognised affiliated club of SANAA.
  • Must have completed the required Safeguarding workshop  / course and have a current certificate to this effect.
  • Must have signed a declaration of good standing document and have signed and accepted the Code of Ethics for SANAA Accredited coaches.
  • Must have a current clearance for the following registers:
    • Sex Offenders
    • Child Protection
    • Criminal Record


If you are interested in renewing your existing accreditation or becoming an accredited instructor/coach kindly contact the SANAA Secretary so that we can put in place the necessary steps for you to comply with the above requirements and become accredited.

Contact details:

Barbara Manning: 082 901 4900 |