Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my equipment aboard an aircraft?

Archery Equipment (bow and arrow) is usually accepted as checked luggage, without an additional charge. Most airlines expect your bow and arrows to be packed in rigid/hard shell containers specifically designed for archery equipment.

Some airlines do not accept archery equipment as checked baggage, or charge an extra fee. For example, Kulula does not allow any archery equipment on board an aircraft while SAA will allow an additional piece, not exceeding 23kg, free of charge per passenger for archery equipment. With SAA you will be required to show your membership card (with a photo).

With BA you are allowed to check in one bow, one quiver, arrows and maintenance kit subject to your weight limitations. When in excess, each item will be subject to the baggage charge for a single piece. The maximum weight and size for equipment is 50 lbs, 62 inches.

Other airlines have different regulations. You can view most airlines conditions on this link.

Please check with the airline before flying.

Posted on Tuesday 13 August 2013 - 10:47:09 by SANAA

South African National Archery Association