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Thursday 18 October 2018 - 21:05:26

We received the following message form the TV Crew attending the WFAC 2018 in Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa.

Hi All the participants in the World Field Archery Champs

Over the last 3 days of the event the 360Sport team recorded videos of archers on the various courses at particular targets (accept for those individuals who chose not to be recorded). The daily videos for each of the video locations (1 target location per course) will be available for viewing on a pay to view basis.

As promised, we are also offering you the opportunity to buy and download to keep, a personal video of yourself with the other archers in your group. This will be the combined footage shot of yourself over three days. A note on the personal videos….these should contain 3 sections for the 3 days but it seems some archers only recorded 2 sections. This could be as a result of them not being filmed on a particular day because someone in their team did not want to be filmed and as a result they lost out on an awesome opportunity or because they forgot to fill in the video form. If you forgot to record the details we need to caution that it is impossible to search through 384 hours of video footage for to find the lost insert and you will therefore only have the two sections that was recorded on you form.

Here is a short sample of the video to watch

This is the process we are going to follow for seeing the videos

1. You need to please complete the order from below and email back to latest Monday 22 Nov 18
2. Once we have your order we will send you an invoice for payment via credit card on Payfast (a very secure and simple payment portal)
3. Once all payments have been made you will receive a password for the Day videos that can be viewed on as well as a download link to be able to download your personal video

The costs are as follows
1. Day 1 at R50.00 ( approx € 3 and USD$ 3.5 )
2. Day 2 at R50.00
3. Day 3 at R50
4. Personal video at R275.00 ( approx €17 and USD$ 19 )

Please supply the following information for your order and send back by 22 Nov 18

Purchases I would like to buy the following videos indicate YES or NO please
DAY 1 R50.00
DAY 2 R50.00
DAY 3 R50.00
Personal video R275.00
Total of my invoice

Thank you

360Sport team

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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