Learn About Archery
  • Learn at your local club

  • Shoot in club competitions

  • Guided by skilled officials

  • Different disciplies & targets

  • Compete in national events


So you’re wondering how to get started in archery, either because you’ve seen or tried it and want to go from archery beginner or fan to competitor. Or from an observer to a recreational or casual archer. Whether your plan is to shoot your bow in your backyard, in the forest, ascend the podium in the Olympic stadium, or somewhere in between, there’s a place in archery for you.



Types of Archery

There are three primary disciplines in archery: target, field and 3D. Some games can be played indoors while others can only be played outdoors. Its a sport that can be played all year round.


Archery Equipment for Beginners

So which type of bow should you shoot as an archery beginner? Local archery clubs provide a great opportunity to learn about and try different kinds of bows and archery equipment. The bow you choose will generally depend on two things: what feels good to you as an archer, and the type of archery you want to pursue.


Where to Shoot Your Bow

To start, find a local club. Clubs welcome beginners and will guide you, offering you the opportunity to try archery equipment and practice shooting. There are many clubs that offer archery lessons for kids and adults.


Archery Safety Tips and Rules

Archery is one of the safest sports you can try? It’s true! Archery is safer than basketball, baseball, soccer and even golf.  All our programs outline basic archery safety rules for before, during and after you shoot.




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